Hub Community Guidelines

We focus on bringing a safe professional environment for everyone. We want people in our products to feel comfortable in expressing their opinions and content. To fulfill these goals, we have created Community Guidelines listed below. Note that these guidelines are not limited to what is listed below and may be updated over time.

  • Be professional in the app
  • Do not impersonate anyone or anything, be yourself
  • Be polite and respect everyone
  • Do not spam or abuse a user or hub in the product
  • Do not compromise another person’s account or identity
  • Do not use Hub for illegal purposes
  • Do not post or share any type of illegal content
  • Hub should not be used to harm others in any way
  • Follow the law
  • Respect Hub’s Privacy Policy and Terms of Service

Hub (the company) and its employees reserve the right to suspend, ban, block, and remove any user or hub without notice that in our judgment violates the above guidelines. By using the app, you agree to these guidelines and it will be your responsibility to review these guidelines from time to time as they may be updated. Take a look at our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use to learn more.

If you feel like someone or a hub is abusing the above stated guidelines, send an email to